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What is Lifescorts? 

Lifescorts is an exclusive and free contact ads website, with presence in several countries and languages. Free ads are published every day at Lifescorts. If you are looking for something special,... Visit our website!

In our gallery you can find what long ago: beautiful escorts, whores, lumis, luxury escorts, girls for sex in your city, ladies of company, boys escorts, gigoós, transsexuals, shemale escorts, escort agencies, club strip clubs, massage agencies, independent sex massage therapists... All the pleasure professionals of different countries and cities of the world gathered in one place and at your fingertips. Quite a luxury, isn't it?

Lifescorts was born to become one of the largest sexual directories in the world. In a global environment where people's mobility is common, our website offers you the possibility to find sexual services wherever you are at all times. If you are in Spain or you come to visit the country, in Lifescorts you can locate people near you willing to have a good time.

Just browse the section that interests you, choose the person who fits your expectations and get in touch with them. In a short time you will be able to see yourself enjoying the best sex in very good company.

How does Lifescorts work? 

Lifescorts is a global online contact platform with a local character

This means that you are in the city you are, you will always have a person nearby available to please you.

Our website is organized into different categories that make it easy for you to find that person you have in mind. Escorts and Whores, Escorts Escorts, Transgender Escorts, Shenitis Escorts, Escort Agencies, Massage Agencies or Night Club.

Once within the category you choose, you will find a practical search engine that allows you to choose both the country and the city. So if, for example, you plan to visit Spain for work in the coming weeks and you want to make an appointment with a luxury escort, with Lifescorts you have it easy. Select the city and all the escorts that offer their services in that location will appear.

Now you just have to click on the image of the girl who most catches your attention and check her file. In it, in addition to finding a photo gallery, you will see the physical characteristics of the escort, its presentation, the services it offers, its time availability and its contact details so that you can specify with it an appointment. 

Guaranteed contact adds

Navigating Lifeescorts is very simple. In a few minutes you will have scheduled one of the most exciting encounters you have ever had. In addition, you can consult the opinions of other clients about the escorts, so that you can make your decision without fear of unexpected surprises.

Many contact ad websites don't verify the ads they run, so it's common for the user to contact people who are ultimately not what they claim to be. This often makes you be afraid to enter these types of sites.

At Lifescorts, one of the requirements we ask of people who advertise on our platform is that they must send us proof that they are actually the person who appears in the photos. We certify your images to assure our users that they really are who they claim to be.

In addition, we do not allow minors to advertise on our platform, so we ask that they prove their date of birth with official documents.These comprehensive controls ensure that our visitors are able to ensure that the people in the images in our contact announcements are truthful. However, what we can't guarantee is that the advertiser in the images for a particular ad will be the same person who goes to the appointment you're making. 

Do you want to advertise in Lifescorts? 

If you work as an escort or provide sexual or accompanying services, advertising at Lifescorts will help you get more clients.

Putting your ads on Lifescorts is free. To get started, simply sign up with a username, email address, and password. After that, you'll be able to access the portal and start uploading your first ad.

Choose the category in which you want to advertise and fill in your details: your artistic name, age, physical characteristics that define you the most and your contact details. For your ad to generate the expected impact, you must include an eye-catching title that captures the user's attention and makes them curious to get to know you more more. Describe and indicate the times and days of the week when you are available.

Then mark your rates and whether or not you make departures. Then, select from the list the services you do and if they carry additional supplement to your standard rate.

Keep in mind that performing special services may be a differentiating factor of your competition, so it's good to highlight it.

Finally, upload your images or videos. We recommend that they be as recent as possible, as we will ask you for a test to verify that your photos are 100 by 100 reais. Customers highly value professional photographs, where you look very sexy and that highlight your attributes.

Once you have your photos and videos ready, tap save and your ad will run. At Lifescorts we offer you the option to highlight your ads from the rest for a small price. Keep in mind that the higher up your ad comes out in the section where you appear, the more likely you are to be seen by users.

If you want to have more customers, contact our food team and they will help you improve your visibility on our website.

What are you waiting for?

Put your ad in Lifeescorts right now and get customers today! 

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