Andrea Milking Table
+34 654331410
If you are looking for a massage are sensations, I am your feeling. I enjoy this while you enjoy my Milking-Table. What is a milking table? Milkingtable are my hands on you, naked face down. No random movement, no empty instant. While it becomes possible the impossible and exploit your senses, each and every one of them. I have an incredible touch and a primal energy. My sessions and erotic massage skills at the Milking Table are unparalleled, slow and sensual from start to finish. Using tantric principles and my feminine sensuality, I will send you to a state of complete euphoria. Do you want "more of the same" or not? If you deserve more and different, search the internet for "Milkingtable", and it will only be a preview of what we can offer you and offer you. Do you deserve less? I am Anndrea, 2 enes for you and the best combination of Massage and Sensuality... I always take care of every detail to ensure that your experience is unique and unforgettable. My erotic massage sessions are perfect for any overworked gentleman. For those who are not interested in the Milking Table, the sessions are held on the classic (standard) massage stretcher. Call me at 654331420 and I'll be happy to inform you. Receipt in an air-conditioned, discreet and clean apartment in Barcelona.